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US-2007167282-A1: Process for controlling an automated motor vehicle drive train and drive train patent, US-2007200629-A1: Low voltage amplifier having a class-AB control circuit patent, US-2008003499-A1: Process for making a mineral battery patent, US-2008006230-A1: Internal combustion engine variable compression ratio system patent, US-2008013248-A1: Feedthrough multilayer capacitor patent, US-2008016338-A1: System and method for secure wireless multi-hop network formation patent, US-2008073192-A1: Method and device for preventing unintentional key input in a wireless mobile terminal with a removable case patent, US-2008081031-A1: Use of Pegylated IL-10 to Treat Cancer patent, US-2008083022-A1: Authentication apparatus and method in wireless mesh network patent, US-2008089708-A1: System and method for determining an amount of toner mass on a photoreceptor patent, US-2008133400-A1: Synthetic continuous double actions patent, US-2008151834-A1: Method and apparatus for maintaining traffic flow in a mesh network patent, WO-2009000186-A1: Control method for logical strips based on multi-channel solid-state non-volatile storage device patent, US-2008159862-A1: To rotorcraft rotors fitted with inter-blade dampers patent, US-2008188281-A1: Slot machine including a plurality of slot game areas and controlling method thereof patent, US-2008189045-A1: Method for the Collection And Distribution of Cord Blood Stem Cells patent, US-2008194315-A1: Gaming device with player selectable theme patent, US-2008195991-A1: Methods for forming area-efficient scan chains in integrated circuits, and integrated circuits embodying the same patent, US-2008198839-A1: System and method of communication in an ip multimedia subsystem network patent, US-2008211474-A1: Step-up/down DC-DC converter patent, US-2008232009-A1: Semiconductor device having an ESD protection circuit patent, US-2008242849-A1: Wrinkle-Diminishing Agent patent, US-2008247407-A1: Combined scheduling and network coding for wireless mesh networks patent, US-2008275071-A1: Radiotherapy Enhancer patent, US-2008287164-A1: Weighting a signal received by an antenna array to enhance the signal and suppress interference patent, US-2008303317-A1: Driving Device of a Movable Vehicle Component patent, US-2008311277-A1: Derivatives of seleno-amino acids patent, US-2009010008-A1: Lamp module patent, US-2009038922-A1: Press-key structure patent, US-2009046123-A1: Inkjet recording apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus patent, US-2009050621-A1: Wafer holder, heater unit used for wafer prober having the wafer holder, and wafer prober having the heater unit patent, US-2009092297-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing program patent, US-2009115815-A1: Method for filling functional liquid droplet ejection head with functional liquid, functional liquid supplying device and liquid droplet ejection apparatus for manufacturing electro-optical apparatus, and electro-optical apparatus patent, US-2009153170-A1: Inspection apparatus patent, US-2009167821-A1: Liquid Droplet Jetting Head patent, US-2009201961-A1: Semiconductor Laser Element and Method of Fabrication Thereof patent, US-2009218712-A1: Method of Forming a Ladder patent, US-2009231721-A1: Image display apparatus and image display method patent, US-2009232439-A1: Optical modulators patent, US-2009234423-A1: Multiple therapy system and method patent, US-2009250833-A1: Processes for producing polyurethane moldings patent, US-2009255395-A1: System for learning and mixing music patent, US-2009276282-A1: Appointment reminder and systems and methods for making and using patent, US-2010013842-A1: Web-based graphics rendering system patent, US-2010048816-A1: Methacryl resin composition having excellent impact strength and transmittancy patent, US-2003218080-A1: Fuel injector patent, US-2003218841-A1: Electrostatic discharge protection device patent, US-2004020450-A1: Rotating cylinder valve engine patent, US-2004047579-A1: Light guide containing light-scattering particles arranged to realize desired light-output efficiency and method for designing the same patent, US-2004052616-A1: Dolly for transporting prefab homes and the like patent, US-2004059505-A1: Method for monitoring depositions onto the interior surface within a pipeline patent, US-2004062125-A1: Magnetic memory element having controlled nucleation site in data layer patent, US-2004090668-A1: Mouth switch arrangement and microscope with mouth switch arrangement patent, US-2004117642-A1: Secure media card operation over an unsecured PCI bus patent, US-2004119447-A1: Switching power supply circuit patent, US-2004130093-A1: Sheet feeder capable of immediately detecting a paper jam patent, US-2004161861-A1: Glycoconjugate sensors patent, US-2004174419-A1: Ink jet cartridge patent, US-2004207631-A1: Efficient bump mapping using height maps patent, US-2005005583-A1: Plate-shaped work piece transporting apparatus patent, US-2005023482-A1: Ultraviolet-light-based disinfection reactor patent, US-2005116730-A1: Double-faced detecting devices for an electronic substrate patent, US-2005163101-A1: Generalized virtual router patent, US-2005166618-A1: Two phase or subcooling reheat system patent, US-2005179412-A1: Arrangement for carrying out a method for a controlling a multi-phased and reversible rotating electrical machine associated with a heat engine of a motor vehicle patent, US-2005256656-A1: Frequency rectification system: apparatus and method patent, US-2005258679-A1: Skate wheel spinning decoration patent, US-2005270081-A1: Down-converter using an on-chip bias circuit for enhancing symmetry and linearity and testing device thereof patent, US-2005280386-A1: Apparatus and method for starting an electric motor patent, US-2005288871-A1: Estimating the accuracy of molecular property models and predictions patent, US-2006003993-A1: Benzotriazepnes as gastrin and cholecystokinin receptor ligands patent, US-2006033877-A1: Substrate for liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device including the same patent, US-2006112032-A1: Two stage method for dynamically determining primary adapter in a heterogeneous N-way adapter configuration patent, US-2006126252-A1: Registration of lightning strike in a wind turbine patent, US-2006128934-A1: Process for producing copolyester patent, US-2006134393-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2006154610-A1: Communications apparatus and method therefor patent, US-2006177296-A1: Transfer devices and methods for handling microfeature workpieces within an environment of a processing machine patent, US-2006185461-A1: Shift lever device for vehicle patent, US-2006203025-A1: Liquid ejecting apparatus and control method and program of the same patent, US-2006214989-A1: Ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus patent, US-2006237676-A1: Water flow-controlling device for a cooling system of a vehicle patent, US-2006243903-A1: Multipole ion mass filter having rotating electric field patent, US-2006245218-A1: Driving synchronous rectifiers across the isolation barrier patent, US-2006260192-A1: Combustion chamber design for a quench gasifier patent, US-2006279383-A1: Compact segmented stub patent, US-2006288068-A1: Memory control method for storing operational result data with the data order changed for further operation patent, US-2007010583-A1: Methods and compositions for reducing blood homocysteine levels patent, US-2007012468-A1: Strippable semiconductive shield and compositions therefor patent, US-2007022388-A1: Presence display icon and method patent, US-2007048721-A1: Software to be employed in the educational trade patent, US-2007088011-A1: Combination preparation for oral contraception and oral therapy of dysfunctional uterine bleeding containing estradiol valerate and dienogest and method of using same patent, US-2007119611-A1: Cable feed-through patent, US-2007119717-A1: Electrolytic production of solid Fe(VI) salts patent, US-2007126532-A1: High-frequency circuit device and transmitting and receiving apparatus patent, US-2007150101-A1: Robotic wash cell using recycled pure water patent, US-2007154075-A1: Image processing method and computer readable medium for image processing patent, US-2007172635-A1: Gluing construction patent, US-2007195579-A1: Semiconductor memory patent, US-2007205578-A1: Rollover prevention device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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